Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hyouka Ep18: Of Mysterious Helicopters and Avant-garde Libraries 第18話: ヘリコプターと教師の謎

Hyouka Episode 18 sees Oreki and Chitanda investigating why a teacher, out of the blue was so relieved to see a helicopter fly past the school.  This involved a visit to a very picturesque library to research old newspaper articles.


All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.
All StreetView images, where specified are from Google StreetView, fair use for educational purposes. 

Upon leaving the school, Oreki passes a bridge (Real-world image from Google StreetView).


This shot of the Japanese alps are shown when Oreki recalls his sister telling him how the Japanese Alps with its peaks of over 3000 metres cut through the air creating different microclimates.  Kyoto Animation went over to the Alps Viewing "Sky Park" to get this angle.  Unfortunately, it was covered with clouds during my visit.

折木が姉の教えを思い出している時この北アルプスが出てきます。3000メートルを超えていて気流を二つに切り、アルプスの表・裏の気候が完全に違うと言っています。 京アニは、アルプス展望公園「スカイパーク」でこの映像をとりました。 しかし僕が訪れた時は、山が曇っていました。

This is the entrance to the Takayama City Library.  It's a genuinely old building (not a replica) and used to be a school.

高山市図書館の入り口です。 レプリカじゃなくて本当に古い建物です。 元は学校でした。


This is the building as a whole.  KyoAni made the right call in deleting all the cars! I did not take any photos inside as it felt wrong to do so at the time but it seems accurate from memory.

これが建物その物です。駐車場の車が全て消されています。 写真を取れそうな雰囲気ではなかったので中身の写真はありません。


At dusk, Oreki and Chitanda cross this bridge over the Miya River.  (Real-world image taken from Google Streetview.)



This particular bridge has statues on it.



Oreki and Chitanda then part ways at the same intersection as seen in Episode 1.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hyouka Eps 12-17: The School Festival Arc

School Festivals tend to take place within the school grounds (surprise, surprise), therefore these episodes didn't yield much material in the greater Takayama area.

Episode 12 begins with Chitanda walking to the Minashi Shrine at night.  KyoAni mirrored the real life image.  I wonder if there is a significance in wanting Chitanda to walk across the screen from the Left -> Right rather than the other way round?

All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.
Below image is from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes.

Chitanda says her prayers in the inner courtyard, which was off-limits to the public (i.e. me!).  I did observe people entering/exiting the fenced off courtyard accompanied by a priest.  There is another offertory box and bell at the entrance to the inner courtyard which the visiting public can use.


Episode 12 also featured a new OP featuring some new scenery.  A wooden bridge spanning the Miya River

Another segment of OP2 features the Hie Shrine.  This is the part of the same shrine seen in OP1.

In Episode 16, KyoAni really excels at extra wide angle drawings which make places seem much larger than it really is.  While the ground is a decent size, I was genuinely surprised at the "size difference".  Also note that the old wooden building featured in Hyouka does not exist IRL.  Instead, there is a small white structure in its place.

(Open image in new tab/window to enlarge)

Personally speaking, the cooking tournament is my favourite part of the entire series and was a joy to re-watch!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Hyouka Ep 11.5: Of Pools and Men

Time and time again, I question my sanity and ask myself this question: "What on earth am I doing in the middle of nowhere?" 

Yep, it really is rather out of town.  That overhanging tree in KyoAni's version below actually exists a little further back from where I picked the StreetView photo.
All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.  Below photograph is from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes.

Hyouka Episode 11.5 came bundled along with one of the anime BD/DVDs and it features Chitanda's perfectly drawn assets and ASSet which I shall exclude from my blog as it would most definitely breach fair-use.

The location for 11.5 was set at the Takayama Public Swimming Pool.  It is open for just 1.5 months a year (July 15-August 31).

It's rather rundown with concrete surfaces peeling off and would most certainly not pass UK health and safety.  Of course, KyoAni spares no efforts in beautifying it!  To the far left of my photo is the exact seat where Oreki does his job.  Also, note the water slide in the background.

A close-up of the lifeguard chair, drawn with remarkable accuracy.  Yes, I did choose the *wrong* chair for this shot.

The 25 metre pool.  IRL, it's in a very ratty condition. (Gasp, how can Japan not be perfect?)

The canopy area where Oreki and co. have their lunch.

The bench area between the lap pool and the leisure pools.

To finish this post off, the I Scream store which does not exist IRL.

A note to potential Hyouka location chasers; This location is unavailable for photography during business hours (10am~5pm).  I got lucky, arriving at 6pm!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hyouka Eps 9-11: Irisu's Charming Movie Arc

Irisu's movie arc has been a torture to watch, resulting in a long gap between blog posts.  With that said, I've finally watched it!  Episode 9 barely had a location outside school, aside from the same intersection near the river seen in earlier episodes.

All Anime Images used are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.

In Episode 10, Irisu works her charms on Oreki at a teahouse beyond my financial means.

Oreki, charmed by Academy Ahri Irisu meets up with Satoshi and voluntarily goes into school during the summer holidays.  KyoAni removed a whole load of street clutter for this shot.

He also passes by a bridge on the way to school. 

Additional image from Google StreetView, fair use for educational purposes.


We now skip over to Episode 11, after it turns out that the only genuine friend in the Literacy Club is Chitanda, the other two being entitled teenagers who simply makes use of Oreki and rage back at him if the desired outcome is not reached.  (Seriously this was painful to watch).

A not-quite-a-date by the riverside.


I could not help but notice the green filter they used to express the gentleness and freshness of Chitanda's point of view.  It really gives a pleasant atmosphere, as opposed to Oreki's earlier encounters with Mayaka and Satoshi.

Oreki then meditates outside a public toilet.

The next day, Oreki confronts Irisu and learns he got totally manipulated.  Here is the scene right before he fists a shop shutter.

Next episode is the Pool episode.  Who in their right mind would head out to a public pool to cover a fanservice episode?  Right?