Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hyouka Eps 12-17: The School Festival Arc

School Festivals tend to take place within the school grounds (surprise, surprise), therefore these episodes didn't yield much material in the greater Takayama area.

Episode 12 begins with Chitanda walking to the Minashi Shrine at night.  KyoAni mirrored the real life image.  I wonder if there is a significance in wanting Chitanda to walk across the screen from the Left -> Right rather than the other way round?

All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.
Below image is from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes.

Chitanda says her prayers in the inner courtyard, which was off-limits to the public (i.e. me!).  I did observe people entering/exiting the fenced off courtyard accompanied by a priest.  There is another offertory box and bell at the entrance to the inner courtyard which the visiting public can use.


Episode 12 also featured a new OP featuring some new scenery.  A wooden bridge spanning the Miya River

Another segment of OP2 features the Hie Shrine.  This is the part of the same shrine seen in OP1.

In Episode 16, KyoAni really excels at extra wide angle drawings which make places seem much larger than it really is.  While the ground is a decent size, I was genuinely surprised at the "size difference".  Also note that the old wooden building featured in Hyouka does not exist IRL.  Instead, there is a small white structure in its place.

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Personally speaking, the cooking tournament is my favourite part of the entire series and was a joy to re-watch!

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  1. I just came across this blog and it is gold.Excellent Work! As for your query regarding the mirroring in the first picture,Mangakas draw moving characters traveling from left to right so that they match the direction in which the pages are being turned and KyoAni might've Figured it'll be much more Aesthetically pleasing to mirror the image. I must say the level of detailing is incredible from an artwork perspective