Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hyouka Eps 9-11: Irisu's Charming Movie Arc

Irisu's movie arc has been a torture to watch, resulting in a long gap between blog posts.  With that said, I've finally watched it!  Episode 9 barely had a location outside school, aside from the same intersection near the river seen in earlier episodes.

All Anime Images used are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.

In Episode 10, Irisu works her charms on Oreki at a teahouse beyond my financial means.

Oreki, charmed by Academy Ahri Irisu meets up with Satoshi and voluntarily goes into school during the summer holidays.  KyoAni removed a whole load of street clutter for this shot.

He also passes by a bridge on the way to school. 

Additional image from Google StreetView, fair use for educational purposes.


We now skip over to Episode 11, after it turns out that the only genuine friend in the Literacy Club is Chitanda, the other two being entitled teenagers who simply makes use of Oreki and rage back at him if the desired outcome is not reached.  (Seriously this was painful to watch).

A not-quite-a-date by the riverside.


I could not help but notice the green filter they used to express the gentleness and freshness of Chitanda's point of view.  It really gives a pleasant atmosphere, as opposed to Oreki's earlier encounters with Mayaka and Satoshi.

Oreki then meditates outside a public toilet.

The next day, Oreki confronts Irisu and learns he got totally manipulated.  Here is the scene right before he fists a shop shutter.

Next episode is the Pool episode.  Who in their right mind would head out to a public pool to cover a fanservice episode?  Right?

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