Friday 11 September 2015

Hyouka Ep 11.5: Of Pools and Men

Time and time again, I question my sanity and ask myself this question: "What on earth am I doing in the middle of nowhere?" 

Yep, it really is rather out of town.  That overhanging tree in KyoAni's version below actually exists a little further back from where I picked the StreetView photo.
All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.  Below photograph is from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes.

Hyouka Episode 11.5 came bundled along with one of the anime BD/DVDs and it features Chitanda's perfectly drawn assets and ASSet which I shall exclude from my blog as it would most definitely breach fair-use.

The location for 11.5 was set at the Takayama Public Swimming Pool.  It is open for just 1.5 months a year (July 15-August 31).

It's rather rundown with concrete surfaces peeling off and would most certainly not pass UK health and safety.  Of course, KyoAni spares no efforts in beautifying it!  To the far left of my photo is the exact seat where Oreki does his job.  Also, note the water slide in the background.

A close-up of the lifeguard chair, drawn with remarkable accuracy.  Yes, I did choose the *wrong* chair for this shot.

The 25 metre pool.  IRL, it's in a very ratty condition. (Gasp, how can Japan not be perfect?)

The canopy area where Oreki and co. have their lunch.

The bench area between the lap pool and the leisure pools.

To finish this post off, the I Scream store which does not exist IRL.

A note to potential Hyouka location chasers; This location is unavailable for photography during business hours (10am~5pm).  I got lucky, arriving at 6pm!

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