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Hyouka Ep 22: A Glorious Finale  第22話: 最終回

Warning! This post contains many images!  Those on 56k are advised to be extremely patient!
注意! 写真が多いので56kユーザの方は少々お待ちください。

All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.

The finale saw KyoAni altering the environs surrounding the Minashi shrine to suit the needs of the plot.  Just take a look at the map below.  Image from Google Maps, fair use for educational purposes.


Although just one stop away on the train, I decided to cycle it just like Oreki.  It takes approximately 45 minutes along a main rural road which isn't as ideallic as in Hyouka.  Note that the location IRL is south of Takayama, while in the anime, it is north of Kamiyama.

高山から電車で一駅なのですが折木みたいに自転車で舞台に行きました。 国道を沿って約45分かかります。 氷菓みたいに静かな道ではありません。 実際高山から南方向なのですが氷菓では北方面になっています。

The entrance to the Minashi Shrine.  In the anime, it is called Mizunashi.  Both can be written using the same kanji!
水無神社の入口です。 本名は「みなし」ですがアニメでは「みずなし」になっています。

View of the outer courtyard.

The inner courtyard, which was off-limits to the public when I visited.


Photo board for the "Living Dolls"

Since I cycled, I did not think to gather material from the car park.  Image from Google StreetView, fair use for educational purposes. 

The scene by the streamside.

There were only ordinary bridges in the vicinity of the shrine, and none of the wooden and stone ones that were depicted in the anime.
神社付近では普通の橋しかありませんでした。 氷菓みたいに木造や石造の橋は見かけません。

The "Garyuu Sakura" tree, which is older than 1100 years.  There are stilts to protect the tree as typhoons in the past have almost obliterated it many times.  It is located a fair distance away from the Shrine, beside the railway.  A park surrounds the tree and the road is a dead-end.  The tree can be seen in full bloom on the Japanese Wikipedia.

1100歳を超える臥龍桜です。 昔何回も台風に完全にやられそうだったので現在木の柱(?)を利用して守られています。 実際神社からかなり離れていて鉄道の隣です。 周辺は行き止まりの公園です。 春の写真はWikipediaでご覧できます。

This marks the end of my Hyouka blog.  As can be seen from the wishing board at the Minashi Shrine, I am far from the only one who has explored Hyouka locations.

ここでこのブログは終了となります。 水無神社の様子を見ると「氷菓」の舞台探検した人はとても多いです。

Top Left: This is the first time I've been to this sacred place.  I would love to come again in Spring.  I really love Eru.
Top Middle: I wish to encounter and become close with a girl like Chitanda.
Top Right: I wish to encounter a guy like Houtarou.
Bottom Left: Although it was raining, I'm really glad to have visited this place.
Bottom Middle:  I wish for a second season of Hyouka.
Bottom Right: I came from Numazu.  Visiting Hyouka locations was plenty of fun.

A massive thank you for those who dropped by and read my blog!  I hope you enjoyed it.
ブログを読んだ人たちにありがとうございます! 楽しめていもらえたら嬉しいです。

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hyouka Ep 21: A Tale of Two Bridges + Extras 第21話:二つの橋の物語+番外編

Hyouka Episode 20 sees the male and female cast go on two different bridges for the big reveal regarding the mystery of the week.

The male cast converse on a bridge already featured in the second OP.

All anime images belong to Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.

The female members of the cast converse on a road bridge spanning over a railway.  If you scrutinise the buildings alongside the railways, you can see they are accurately drawn.



The arrangement of the guardrails are also accurate.


I was on the wrong side of the bridge, taking pictures the wrong way so here is an image from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes to save the day.  The bus parking lot and the building behind it are faithfully recreated.




















































Extras / 番外編

The school uniform featured in Hyouka is almost exactly the same as the real uniform.


There is a story behind this terrible picture below.  The students of Hida High School are truly dedicated to their extra-curricular activities.  On my return from the pool featured in ep11.5, I passed by the school again.  It had just gone past 7pm and one of the classroom lights was still on.  Wanting to take a photograph of the lit classroom, I took my camera out only for the light to go out.  Soon after, I saw students cycling from the premises.  Note that it was summer holidays.

このザツな写真は、高山市民プールの取材(第11.5話)からの戻りに取られた物です。 斐太高校の部活動はまるで「氷菓」と同じく本格的です。 夏休みの夜の七時なのにまだ教室の電気がついていたのです。 写真を取ろうとカメラを出したとたんに電気が消えて、その後、学生が自転車を乗って下校しました。

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hyouka Ep 20: Hie Shrine 第20話: 日枝神社

There is no post for Episode 19 as it took place entirely within the school grounds.

Much of episode 20 is set at the Hie Shrine (日枝神社) where the cast celebrate the New Year. This Shrine has been seen in OP1 and OP2.

All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.
The entrance to the shrine.

The Torii gate made of stone.

Going through the stone Torii, there is a wide clear area lined by trees in one side and a steep slope on the other.  Note that all the buildings are well behind the trees in real life, unlike the little love shed of Houtarou and Chitanda which cannot be spotted.  (I took the photo from under the Torii, looking inside, while KyoAni's angle is the opposite).

鳥居を通ると道が広々になります。片側には高い木、 反対側は険しい坂です。リアルでは、全ての建物が木の後ろに立ててあって道の傍に倉庫が見当たりません。(写真は鳥居の下から中の方向に撮りました。)

The Shrine office is at the end of the wide path.  KyoAni does a great job finding an angle to focus only on the building, while hiding the red Torii.
広い道の終わりにある社務所です。京アニはよく建物だけ見える角度を使っています。 鳥居が入ると僕たちのの目がそっちに引かれるからだと思います。

Going through the red torii gate and up the steps will lead you up to the shrine itself.

A massive thank you to Redditors who managed to give this blog several thousand hits in just one day, much appreciated!
Redditのユーザたちのおかげでたったの一日に数千ヒットもらいました! とても感謝しています。