Friday, 9 October 2015

Hyouka Ep 20: Hie Shrine 第20話: 日枝神社

There is no post for Episode 19 as it took place entirely within the school grounds.

Much of episode 20 is set at the Hie Shrine (日枝神社) where the cast celebrate the New Year. This Shrine has been seen in OP1 and OP2.

All anime images are from Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.
The entrance to the shrine.

The Torii gate made of stone.

Going through the stone Torii, there is a wide clear area lined by trees in one side and a steep slope on the other.  Note that all the buildings are well behind the trees in real life, unlike the little love shed of Houtarou and Chitanda which cannot be spotted.  (I took the photo from under the Torii, looking inside, while KyoAni's angle is the opposite).

鳥居を通ると道が広々になります。片側には高い木、 反対側は険しい坂です。リアルでは、全ての建物が木の後ろに立ててあって道の傍に倉庫が見当たりません。(写真は鳥居の下から中の方向に撮りました。)

The Shrine office is at the end of the wide path.  KyoAni does a great job finding an angle to focus only on the building, while hiding the red Torii.
広い道の終わりにある社務所です。京アニはよく建物だけ見える角度を使っています。 鳥居が入ると僕たちのの目がそっちに引かれるからだと思います。

Going through the red torii gate and up the steps will lead you up to the shrine itself.

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