Saturday 17 October 2015

Hyouka Ep 21: A Tale of Two Bridges + Extras 第21話:二つの橋の物語+番外編

Hyouka Episode 20 sees the male and female cast go on two different bridges for the big reveal regarding the mystery of the week.

The male cast converse on a bridge already featured in the second OP.

All anime images belong to Kyoto Animation, fair use for educational purposes.

The female members of the cast converse on a road bridge spanning over a railway.  If you scrutinise the buildings alongside the railways, you can see they are accurately drawn.



The arrangement of the guardrails are also accurate.


I was on the wrong side of the bridge, taking pictures the wrong way so here is an image from Google Streetview, fair use for educational purposes to save the day.  The bus parking lot and the building behind it are faithfully recreated.




















































Extras / 番外編

The school uniform featured in Hyouka is almost exactly the same as the real uniform.


There is a story behind this terrible picture below.  The students of Hida High School are truly dedicated to their extra-curricular activities.  On my return from the pool featured in ep11.5, I passed by the school again.  It had just gone past 7pm and one of the classroom lights was still on.  Wanting to take a photograph of the lit classroom, I took my camera out only for the light to go out.  Soon after, I saw students cycling from the premises.  Note that it was summer holidays.

このザツな写真は、高山市民プールの取材(第11.5話)からの戻りに取られた物です。 斐太高校の部活動はまるで「氷菓」と同じく本格的です。 夏休みの夜の七時なのにまだ教室の電気がついていたのです。 写真を取ろうとカメラを出したとたんに電気が消えて、その後、学生が自転車を乗って下校しました。

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